Tuesday, 18 July 2017

[VMRDT094] UZI - Underdog [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stores Now!!!]

1/ King Kong.
2/ Underdog.
3/ Benson Dub.
4/ Madting.

Champion junglist, UZI makes his long overdue return to Viral-Mental Records, and brings with him a heavyweight selection of bass-heavy, nuskool jungle cuts with the release of the 'Underdog' EP.

'King Kong' sets the pace with it's deceivingly mellow intro, before evolving into a full on, amen rinse-out paired with a cavernous sub-bassline to get your speakers a-shaking and your body moving. Up next we are introduced to title track, 'Underdog', an artikal fusion of dub reggae flavours layered over a rolling amen back beat, and inspired snippets of obscure, vintage cartoon dialogue.

The reggae vibe continues with the stepping, drum & bass number, 'Benson Dub', an adrenalising combination of hi-octane, 2-step breakbeats, deep bass pulses and hauntingly forlorn harmonica melody. Things are drawn to a close by the stripped back and moody 'Madting'. A potent blend of intricately crafted, clockwork breaks and devastating bass notes that will be guaranteed to get your head nodding and your feet moving.

If deep and dubwise, contemporary jungle flavours are your ting, then look no further than UZI's latest offering here, as this selection is destined to tear up the dance!!!

UZI's 'Underdog' EP is available to purchase now from the following Viral-Mental Records digital stockists...



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Monday, 17 July 2017

[PM 0XLIVEP] Justin Time - Next Time [Available To Purchase Now From Physmatics Music!!!]

1/ Next Time.
2/ Late Runnin'.
3/ Time Healer.
4/ Insight.
5/ Computerized. 

For those who spent their youth raving in the nineties, then the artist name Justin Time, or one of his many aliases spanning a multitude of genres will be a blast from the past.

After nearly two decades out of the spotlight. Justin Time makes his triumphant return to bring you five intense tracks capturing the very essence of classic, Blue Note era drum & bass with the release of the ‘Next Time' EP, on the Physmatics Music label.

The collection opens up to the tear-out, amen driven sounds of ‘Next Time’, a rock solid, dub-tinged, D&B roller which packs a guaranteed punch to the rib-cage. Up next, ‘Late Runner’ follows a similar path as it’s predecessor combining rattling, tech-step breaks with deep sub bass notes and rugged ragga toasts. Things get a touch darker with ‘Time Healer’ which utilises fractured, pitched down amen edits and cavernous atmospherics expertly juxtaposed with flashes of soul.

‘Insight’ follows suit with it’s combination of hi-octane beats paired with monolithic bass blasts and industrial drones conjuring up visions of a Dystopian, futuristic city-scape. The collection is brought to an adrenalising close by ‘Computerized’, an epic soundclash of monstrous, neuro bass growls, stepping breaks and evocative, soaring pads.

If you are seeking intelligently crafted, yet seriously heavyweight drum & bass, then Justin Time more than delivers the goods!!!

The Justin Time, 'Next Time' EP is available to download from all good Physmatics Music digital download stores...




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Sunday, 16 July 2017

[PRMP3029] Forthryte - Forthryte EP [Free Download From Paranoid Recordings!!!]

1/ Love.
2/ E-Bomb.
3/ Hardcore Rockers.
4/ Break It Up.

Coming in with another top-notch, artist showcase selection. Paranoid Recordings unveils their very latest four track collection of exhilarating nuskool, breakbeat hardcore tracks with Forthryte's free to download 'Forthryte EP'.

First up to the plate we are time-warped back to 1992 where sublime piano melodies, rolling breaks and ecstatic vocal samples reign supreme on 'Love', a track which expertly blends together melancholic piano notes with iconic soul diva vox ('you gave me love, like a river overflowing') to create an emotive, yet adrenalising anthem. 
Up next, we are blasted with the 'E-Bomb', a tune which combines vintage, Manix style pianos compositions over rugged, oldskool jungle breaks and deep bass notes, overlaid with euphoric female vocals.

'Hardcore Rockers' takes us on a trip to the darkside with it's intense fusion chugging breaks, pulsating bassline, panic-stricken FX and moody pads straight out of the 1993 Formation Records school of hardcore and junglism. To round off the EP we are introduced to 'Break It Up', which instantly eschews the moodiness of it's predecessor by delivering an uplifting melting pot of hyper-kinetic stab motifs, and soaring pads.

In their quest to discover the hottest underground breakbeat hardcore talent, Paranoid Recordings have unearthed a real gem with Forthryte here. An excellent selection of nuskool rave anthems, with the darkside tinged 'Hardcore Rockers' being the pick of the bunch for me.

The 'Forthryte EP' is available to download for free from Paranoid Recordings, so make sure you show your appreciation by sharing an commenting on the Paranoid Recordings Soundcloud link below... 


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Friday, 14 July 2017


OCTOTRAX is a label that will attract you easily and the reason is that its totally representetive of retro sounds. In a few words, Oldskool redefined.
It had already 11 quality digital releases, 1 limited 12" and its new weapon is a euphoric piano breaks nu-rave gem under the title "Yo! Check This Out"
You can grab it now or better suggestion is this 16GB USB Subscription stick by the label (more info)






Thursday, 13 July 2017

CLRAT00:: RatPack - The (CO)LabRats (19track Digital Album out now) [RATPACK MUSIC]

The legendary UK duet of RatPack is back with the most anticipated album of the year or in quick words a great gift to yourselves, your friends and a big addition to the evolution of Oldschool!
Lipmaster Mark & Evenson Allen, these 2 established guys who are hyping the crowd for the last 30 years around, have officially returned earlier this year with the ravey bassline 'Hands Of Time' featuring Wideboys on a catchy videoclip and tune.

And now, the legendary Rats have teamed up with a big amount of quality established acts in the scence like Slipmatt, Billy Daniel Bunter, Ragga Twins, Shut Up And Dance, The Freestylers, Baby D, Lady Chann, 28Hurtz, King Yoof, Skibadee on their brand new "The (CO)LabRats" 19track dish which is out now digitally and totally determined to give you the right energy!
Expect a big blend of Breaks, Bass, Acid, House, Garage, Techno, Drum & Bass on a high energetic result by RatPack who offer the right soundtrack for a never ending party to the Oldschool nights of innocence...





Artwork by AJENTLIDA

Breakcore scene welcomes the launch of a fresh label based in Ukraine opening with a huge compilation of 29 tunes available to donate whatever you wish on a monstrous result of sick rhythms from all around the globe.
Featured artists: 
ACTION AGENDA (Ru) ALex Tune (UA) Anorak(UK) audiotist (BE) Bob the builder! (UA) Captain Raveman (SWE) CH3OH (UA) DOC (RU) Fat Frumos (UA) FED. (BY) Frontcore (UA) Gizmode (Uk) Goreshit (UK) JMKL (UA) Junglinsky (UA) Mal├Ąd (UA) Medium (UA) mokit (uk) Prid Prod (UA) PRZ (od) Regent cid (UK) Ri (RU) S.KID (ru) SHOTGUN ORCHESTRA (Ru) sound of the fox (ESP) The Sickless (UA) TMX (Annoying Ringtone) (uk) VANDAL (RU) WS soundsystem (Ru)


Bangface Weekender '17 interviews by SOLID SOUND FM (DJ Kushti)

Kushti from Solid Sound FM was once again an essential resident of the recent BangFace Weekender which took place 4 months ago @ Southport.
He had the chance to make a few interviews all around the festival and the result has been uploaded now on Soundcloud.


Hamsta Back Catalogue (36 tracks)

Hardcore Junglist human rodent and good friend, the man like HAMSTA from Brighton, has set up a personal bandcamp page where he has put 36 slammers of his back catalogue given by a cheap price in order to show your love and support to this great producer as much as you can. 


Monday, 10 July 2017

[RRRDJ001] Try Unity - Stand Up / Fight For Love [Limited Edition 12" Vinyl And Digital Download Pre-Orders Available To Purchase Now!!!]

A - Stand Up.
B - Fight For Love.

Try Unity are a production team composed of Jimmy Ewins, Francesca and Sammy Purcell on a mission to bring back the spirit of the Golden age of rave with the forthcoming release of their debut single, 'Stand Up / Fight For Love' on Rave Radio Records.

Opening track 'Stand Up' captures the very essence of 1992 style breakbeat hardcore with it's combination of euphoric piano melodies, uplifting, live female vocals (in the spirit of Rachel Wallace), rugged breaks and electrifying stab motifs. The pairing of positivity steeped vocals and iconic, rhythmic pianos proves to be a breath of fresh air in midst of 2017 climate of uncertainty.

On the flipside 'Fight For Love' comes on strong with an adrenalising blend of hard-hitting, oldskool jungle breaks mixed in with iconic hip-hop samples, booming bass notes and a moody, dub piano section before delivering a devastating hands-in-the-air stab riff. 'Fight For Love' perfectly captures that anthemic, early '90's Suburban Base / Urban shakedown vibe, and is guaranteed to get all oldskool and nuskool ravers moving.

When the 'nuskool' musical focus seems to be predominantly based on either rough and rugged junglism or pitch black darkcore, it's refreshing to hear some unashamedly ecstatic, vocal driven hardcore for a change. 

The 'Stand Up / Fight For Love' single is available to pre-order from the Try Unity Bandcamp page in  both digital and limited to 100 copies, 12" vinyl formats for £2 and £8.99 respectively. All vinyl orders will come with a free digital version too, and delivery date is estimated to be around 30/08/17. 


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[RN043] Beats Are Broken - Acid Overload [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]

Brazil has its own representer in Nuskool Hardcore sounds and that is BEATS ARE BROKEN or simply known as Alex in public. Alex has made his debut single release on RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS offering a slammer of a Hardcore Techno dish and that is the best way to start with or even better introduce himself to those who don't know still about him.
"Acid Overload" is out now digitally on RAVENOYZ bandcamp page and in a few weeks from now in all major digital stores.
It's a totally recommended and appropriate tune for the headstrong crew and only who love a mental blend of rushing Acid and Hardcore into their lives.




N-Joi live in Poland - Old Skool Festival 2016

Check out foto footage from Old School Festival 2016 HERE

Sunday, 9 July 2017

[BLKR005] DJ QT - Gimmie Dat - Sessions [Available To Download From All Good Digital Download Stores!!!]

1/ Gimmie Dat.
2/ Sessions.

DJ QT and B-Lick Records continues on with their mission to bring to you the very finest in jump-up, drum & bass sounds, with the release of the 'Gimmie Dat / Sessions'  single. Featuring two brand new, dancefloor destined masterpieces that will be guaranteed to get all headz feet moving.

First up we are introduced to the moody roller ‘Gimmie Dat’, which expertly combines rock solid breaks and powerful bass switches with a generous sprinkling of iconic, mid-nineties hip-hop. ’Gimmie Dat’ captures the very essence of vintage jump-up junglism and gives it a well needed 2017 update.

‘Sessions’ on the other hand drops a lighter, jazz-funk vibe with it’s use of a laid back trumpet licks layered over a stepping breakbeat and a constantly evolving bass section. This one is a perfect head-nodding, chilled groove meets energetic drum & bass crossbreed track.

Whether it’s upfront anthems or mellow D&B flavours you’re after, DJ QT has all bases covered with the ‘Gimmie Dat / Sessions’ single.

DJ QT's ‘Gimmie Dat / Sessions’ is available to download now from all good B-Lick Records digital download stores!!!

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[VMRDT093] Opius - Looney Tune / High Level Gangsters [Available To Download From All Good Digital Download Stores!!!]

1/ Looney Tune.
2/ High Level Gangsters.

Drum & bass maverick Opius makes a welcome return to the Viral-Mental Records label with the release of the massive two-track digital single, 'Looney Tune / High Level Gangsters'.

We are first introduced to the cartoon classic sampling 'Looney Tune', which combines symphonic, orchestral swells set to a snappy, rolling break, growling bass drones and of course, iconic Warner Bros character dialogue. Despite it's slapstick themes, 'Looney Tune' is an expertly crafted slice of drum & bass which isn't afraid to take itself too seriously.

After the madcap antics of it's predecessor, Opius takes things more seriously with the heavyweight and moody 'High Level Gangsters', a potent blend of dark and menacing atmospherics, rudebwoy, vocal posturing and snippets of vintage era Metalheadz stab riffage overlaid with an ever switching breakbeat pattern. 

Opius takes the brave step of pushing the boundaries of D&B with his latest release, and in turn delivers a contrasting selection of light and darker themed tracks, both of which will prove to be equally as devastating on the dancefloor!!!

The Opius 'Looney Tune / High Level Gangsters' single is available to purchase now from the following Viral-Mental Records digital stockists...


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AEON FOUR - Tales From The Stroboscopic Ocean (Debut - 10track Digital Album)

01. Orbital
02. Nature
03. Oath
04. Future Atlantis
05. Techno Prisoners
06. Indigo
07. Solace
08. Sapphire
09. Djinn
10. Void

We had made a special review some months ago about these talented & devoted brothers from Finland and that's noteworthy a lot as they've finally released an outstanding and long awaited result on their first full length album titled "Tales From The Stroboscopic" which consists of 10 10 outstanding tunes of Oldskool feelings and techniques ready to take you higher and dive into the past.
Matt and Heikki Sato-Hunsala have teamed up on this great album, one of my personal favourites mental works of this year, on a mission embrace your heart by warehouse, piano breaks, jungle breaks as well as chilling vibes inside.
Personal tunes "Nature" and "Techno Prisoners".

This LP is out now on digital format.


Friday, 7 July 2017

[XTRA109] Deadly Nightshade - Rush Up [Digital Download Available To Purchase Now!!!]

1/ Rush Up (Original Dance Version).
2/ Rush Up (Oldskool Rave Version).
3/ Ravers Of The 90's.

Deadly Nightshade, courtesy of Xtra Hard Records turns back time to the Golden Era of rave with the release of the 'Rush Up' EP. Featuring three massive oldskool influenced, hardcore breaks tracks, heavily steeped in 1992 euphoria.

We are introduced to the first of two mixes of title track, 'Rush Up', with the 'Original Dance Version' delivering a thundering succession of ruffneck breaks, emotive Euro rave pads and uplifting trance riffs peppered with ethereal female vocals. 
The 'Rush Up (Oldskool Rave Version)' follows a similar path as it's predecessor, but throws in a few extra nods to 1992 style hardcore, by dropping a massive stab section into the mix midway that'll get any "cheesy quaver" doing the old air piano moves.

Deadly Nightshade continues on with the oldskool theme with the epic 'Ravers Of The 90's', a 120 miles per hour, breakneck speed roller-coaster ride chock full of rolling, hyper-kinetic breaks and vertigo inducing synth riffs layered with an eclectic melting-pot of vocal samples (is that Adam Ant in there???). 

If you have a hankering for classic rave nostalgia, or are just discovering the heady highs of nuskool, breakbeat hardcore then Deadly Nightshade latest offering will be an essential purchase for your digital music collection!!!

The 'Rush Up' EP is available to download now from Deadly Nightshade's Bandcamp page for the bargain price of £3, or more if you wish to support the label and artists to fund future releases.


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Thursday, 6 July 2017

GL0WKiD pres. Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (04JUL.2017)


The Prodigy FOTL Megamix
The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up [1997, XL]
Mark Archer - Armageddon (Sanxion Remix) [2013, BANGFACE]
Vitality - Quicker And Dirtier [2017 Forthcoming, KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
Madcap - Acid Chant (Champion Breaks Remix) [2013, TOP DRAWER DIGITAL]
Scissor Sisters - Filthy Gorgeous (Dave Skywalker Bootleg) [2017, free download]
Pursuit - Bass Humanoid [Forthcoming, THIS IS NU-RAVE]
DJ Rave In Peace - Hang Onto Your Braincells [2017, free download]
DJ Rave In Peace - So What [2016, free download]
DJ Luna-C - Back To Cause Mayhem [2017 Forthcoming, KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
Paul Bradley - From The Underground [2017 Forthcoming, KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
Amaretto - Moving [2017, self release]
Paul Cronin - Yardie Inna Dancehall [2017, RAVESKOOL]
Paul Cronin - Take Me Away [2017, RAVESKOOL]
ComeRaveInPeace - Give Yourself [2017, free download]
TNO Project - The Orphanage [2017 Forthcoming, KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
Tokyo Noir - Dopamine (Token Remix) [2017, DETRIMENTAL AUDIO]
Baby D - I Need Your Lovin (Nightwave Refix) [2016, free download]
Trigger Happy Side 1 [2017, TRIGGER HAPPY]
Yudaidhun - Hyper Memory Ocean [2016]
Yudaidhun - Shit Scattering Pumpkin [2015]
Gothica Shade - It Really Is [2017 Forthcoming, KNITEFORCE RECORDS]
DJ Brooksie - Want your love (Stronger Mix) [2017, free download]
Luffy & Iliya - Hooked On You [2017, free download]
Gamma909 - Happy [2016, free download]
Richie Whizz - Song Of Angels (DJ Nine-T-X Remix) [2017]
Pianoid - Augmented Raver [2017, free download]
DJGEN - Sweetest [2016, hi-lite RECORDS]
DJ Stormtrooper - Unomas (OZONE) [2016, LEGITIMATE RECORDINGS]
XTATX - Smashed [2013, KFA RECORDINGS]
Silk Cuts Vol.8 Side B [1998, SILK CUTS]
Search And Destroy - Happ-e People (Speedfreak Mix) [1995, MOKUM RECORDS]
Wan Bushi - Eurodance Vibes part 4 [2013, DANCE CORPS]
Xenophobia ft. GL0WKiD - Glow To The Rush [2016]
The Prodigy - Break & Enter [1994, XL]

Sunday, 2 July 2017

[VMRDT092] Dredillah - Propaganda [Available From All Good Viral-Mental Records Digital Stockists Now!!!]

1/ Propaganda.
2/ The Chair.
3/ Death Clique.

Are you ready for some future funk? Of course you are, and just as well too as Viral-Mental Records' one-and-only Dredillah delivers a trio of deep, dark and heavy, neuro drum and bass anthems with the release of the 'Propaganda' EP.

We are first introduced to some sleek and stealthy, neuro-funk action with 'Propaganda', which merges militant sci-fi flavours over a relentless 2-step breakbeat and massive buzzing bassline. The stripped back tech-step beast, 'The Chair' follows next with it's fusion of techno elements mixed in with vintage Bad Company UK style drum & bass elements.
The collection is then brought to a close by 'Death Clique', which fuses exhilarating, futuroid breaks with deep bass pulses and a growling mid-range synth riff that'll get heads nodding and feet moving. 

The 'Propaganda' EP presents to us an expertly crafted fusion of forward thinking tracks with a strong dancefloor orientated mission statement. These will be the perfect addition to any hard-hitting neuro-D&B selector's arsenal!!!

Dredillah's 'Propaganda' EP is available to purchase from all good Viral-Mental Records digital stockists now!!!



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POW002:: Boykz & Chapman/Afterlife/Worldwide Epidemic - Peace On Wax Vol 2 - (12" Vinyl - Preorders NOW)

A1. Boykz & Stu Chapman - Everybody
A2. Afterlife - The Joint 
B1. Worldwide Epidemic - Idiomatic
B2. Worldwide Epidemic - Hibiscus

Vinyl is for sure in a healthy condition these days in our scene, as Vinyl releases and labels getting multiplied throughout this year by people devoted and faithful to vinyl and Hardcore music.
One more good example is PEACE ON WAX, a brand new label set up by DJ ABO, an established member of nu-Hardcore & Nu-Rave movement. PEACE ON WAX long awaited second installment is available to pre-order now with an estimated shipping date of 17th July 2017.

This new 12" consists of four tracks covering and represeting present's Hardcore by Dutch head Afterlife, to New Zealand's Worldwide Epidemic and an essential collaboration between Enormous Mouse one half, mr Stu Chapman and Boykz.
Their collab "Everybody" steps on a 140bpm Hardcore Breaks tip, while Worldwide Epidemic is offering 2 mental oldskool rave/techno dishes closing with Dutch producer Afterlife who's stuck for years in 1990-93 period, therefore he captures that vibe deep inside his own joint of a tune.

To sum up, this is for sure one more essential 12" release for all Hardcore troopers and Vinyl junkies out there. It's an Oldskool revival, it's a quite golden item bringing you peace on wax!